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Artist Statement / Bio

Bernadette Martinez – Artist Statement

My print plates are inspired by deep realms in creativeness that surrounds my spiritual and mystical persona, inching away into the gouges of my plates. I print expressive works and challenge myself in gouging with unstructured backgrounds. I try to have a series-based focus because printmaking is an art that is uniquely identified from a liquid form of medium.

I am constantly researching online or bookstores that inspire me in printing a series. My sketches of the images are my base to the print plate and I add more depth and details with freestyle gouging. My plates are prepared with a base image with no other images. I do not prepare any tools or drawings for background images. My gouging techniques are pretty freestyle. I explore and experiment in many ways.

My work tends to focus on mystical and spiritual embodies that are physical or cosmic states. I integrate abstraction and try not to have a monotonous perception. I try to produce print works that may have a deeper perception or subject matters in humanity and science.


My influences are first and foremost the surrounding energies around me and gouging technique challenges that I can manipulate into the artwork. I’ve always loved M.C. Escher’s works and Albrecht Dürer particularly the eternal effects and image construction. I love art noveau and researching into the eras that relate to architecture and design. The artists I most admire are Sandro Boticelli, an Italian renaissance artist, David Lefner a reduction linocut artist, Poli Marichal an encaustic printmaker of abstract and contemporary art, and John Montelongo a printmaker of Guadalupe images. I am honored to have been mentored by Poli Marichal and John Montelongo, and provided me the education in printmaking and endurance to go beyond the realms of art mediums and creativeness.


2015   100 under 100– Studio 23- Alameda, California

2014   The Arrival of the 12th Poblador – The Pico House Gallery – Los Angeles, California

2012   Band of 16 – 50 Bucks Gallery – Pomona, California

2010   Future Shock – The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, California

2009   1st Annual New Year’s Eve 2010 Art Show and Music Festival – Loft 265, Los Angeles, California

2009   NYE Art Show – The Hear Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2009   Hollywood Christmas Artwalk – Dragonfly – Hollywood, California

2009   Special Delivery – The ARTery Gallery @ The Lab – Costa Mesa, California

2006   El Monte 4th Annual Art Festival – La Historia Historical Society Museum, El Monte, California

2004   5th Annual Corazones de Aztlan Art Auction & Awards Ceremony – Self-Help Graphics & Art, Boyle Heights, California

2003   Reunión: Dia de los Muertos / Tree of Life 30th Anniversary Day of the Dead Exhibition & Celebration – Self-Help Graphics & Art, Boyle Heights, California

2003   Silent Art Auction – 4th Annual Corazones de Aztlan Art Auction and Awards Ceremony – Self-Help Graphics & Art, Boyle Heights, California

2002   Contemporary Images of Our Lady de Guadalupe – Self-Help Graphics & Art, Boyle Heights, California


2003   Spring Action – Blue Bird Gallery, Whittier, California


Chavez,Y. June 3, 2014. Hope for Haiyan Benefit, ABS-CBN North America Bureau, Los Angeles, California


Brad Cunningham             John Taylor        Fred Valentine          Curtis Leitner          Dara Galliadi          Lorena Paredes             Patricia Perez             Lisa Ward          Valerie Loeza          Marisela Ibarra          Proto


2010 City of Claremont – Public Arts Banner Award – Doorway to Claremont

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