Artery Press

Collaboration in the labor of love with prints


Printmaking Sermons!

Every Sundays* 11AM-2PM and Wednesdays* 6pm-9pm

Learn to print linocuts? This is your class in learning art in a traditional printing method, pressing your plate into art.

This class will help art enthusiasts to become familiar with reverse art, identifying the black and white of the art, and discover abstracts with different background textures. I will guide you through simple steps of creating your stencil, gouging/carving, inking and pressing your plate.

This process in creating art is very different from creating acrylic or oil paint. Each student will leave the class understanding the printing process and also the tools to help them start another project.

Sign up now! RSVP Fee: $10.00

Total Workshop Fee with materials: $30.00 (RSVP is included).

Bring $20 at time of attendance. Some workshop fees differ due to different techniques offered.

Four ways to RSVP to be a gouger:

1. Etsy –

2. Meetup Group – Join our MeetUp group on Sundays –

3. Email Artery Press – and indicate the Sunday you’d like to attend. Material Fee $30 will be accepted during the PSS.

4. Eventbrite:

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Tweet about us on twitter: ArteryP
Follow us on Instagram: artery_press

*Some days may be rescheduled or cancelled – stay tuned with our Facebook page.


The following prints were hand-made during the workshops. They keep returning to hone their skills. Gouge away!

IMG_5802.JPG IMG_5798.JPG







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