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Preprocess Artworks for the The SaySay Project: Arrival of the 12th Poblador

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Looks like they accepted 2 of 3 sketches and I have 3 days to gouge and print and gallery prep these pieces. Here’s the three submission concepts with printed works.

“Shared Culture” = Shared Culture was created to illustrate 12 different symbols of life to include life, family, agriculture, and growth. I have included representations of Filipino creations such as the hut that creates the domain of a family, the symbolic rooster, and grain/rice for the knowledge in agriculture.
Shared Culture

“Alta California” = Alta California is mapped with textures of growing rice with two carabaos that represents Antonio Miranda Rodriguez and his daughter that suffered smallpox. They stayed behind at Loreto, New Spain but later reunited with the other Pobladores in later years.

“Sampaguita, Life, and Perseverance” = Sampaguita, Life, and Perseverance was conceptualized to illustrate strength of the pobladores that traveled through unknown regions, created community awareness with other cultures, risked their families and themselves of unknowns. The sampaguita represented “ I promise you” that their dreams of new life will come true.
finished sampaguita

All artworks are produced in linocut on archival paper.

Please attend the artist and sponsor reception this coming Friday:
12th poblador invite


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